Born This Way Ball – Perth 2012

The Born This Way Ball shows by Lady Gaga in Perth at the Burswood Dome in July were full on non-stop entertainment for two hours. A spectacle to behold that included 15 costume changes and a set list of more than 20 songs. The stage included a long runway around the monster pit, while most of the performance was on the main part of the stage Lady Gaga and her dancers did regularly move around the rest of the stage.

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I only intended going to the Saturday show but having such dreadful seats decided to splash out and go to the Sunday show as well. This is the first time I have been to a concert at the Burswood Dome where the stage scaffold has impeded on my view. It really was not the right venue for this stage set up and some of the seats should not have been sold. The seats we had were on the side of the stage and even though we were closer to the stage than other seats the obstruction of the large pillars and the position of the screens made it virtually impossible to see most of the show unless Lady Gaga was on the runway part of the stage. Having said that I did enjoy the show and went home and bought tickets for the next night.

THE BORN THIS WAY BALL 2012-2013  on Twitpic
Born This Way Ball 2012 – 2013 stage – Tweeted by @ladygaga on 7 February 2012

The Sunday night show was like attending a completely different concert for me. Having seats on the other side of the stage, further back and being able to see both screens on the side of the stage meant I could see most of the show and the castle that I hadn’t seen the previous night. I still had massive pillars obstructing part of the stage but at least this time I could look at the screens if I couldn’t see the stage. I didn’t feel that fans were as full on at this show and I don’t think there were as many people so that may have been why. I enjoyed it every bit as much as the previous night and would go again to see her at the drop of a hat.


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