My Networks

Here is a brief explanation of the different networks I have used and where you can find me.

The sidebar and the header on this blog have links to all these sites but when I enabled the iPad version of the site I found that these links were not visible unless I selected View Full Site.

Facebook – I have created a Lady Gaga fan page on Facebook and added tabs that bring in all the different networks I have used. This way you can view everything in one place.

Follow @imalittlemonstr on Twitter Twitter – A microblogging platform where you can create and share information in the form of “tweets” that are restricted to 140 characters. Here you can follow me and engage in conversation about all thinks Gaga. Twitter is one of my favourite Web 2.0 services. You can also find me at my main twitter account where I use the name Developit

imalittlemonstr on Flickr Flickr – An online photo storage and sharing site. You can find many of the photos that I have used in this blog here and more Lady Gaga photos I have taken. All photos on Flickr are photos I have taken and edited.

See Lady Gaga Videos on You Tube YouTube – A video sharing site where you can upload, view and share videos. This is my personal YouTube account and not a new account set up specifically for I’m a Little Monstr. The link will take you to a playlist so you can view all my Lady Gaga videos from the two Perth Born This Way Ball shows at the Burswood Dome on 7-8-12 and 8-8-12

Follow Me on Pinterest Pinterest – A virtual Pinup board where you can”pin” articles on boards. You can share, view and follow other people and boards. This is a my virtual pinup board of all things Gaga. I have pinned my photos and videos and other interesting article about Lady Gaga.

I'm A Little Monster on instagramInstagram – A photo sharing app for iPhone and Android phones. You can view my instagram photos  on a website called statigram or using the instagram app. is like an online business card. It is one page that contains links to all my online accounts, much like this page has done.



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